Buddhism: The ‘most important spiritual practice’ for families in Indiana

The first-ever family practice center for families is opening its doors in Indiana this weekend.

Pinon Family Practice Center is a new, family-oriented spiritual practice center that will be located in Pinon, a suburb of Indianapolis.

The center, which is the first family practice facility in Indiana, will offer the ability for families to join one another and practice their beliefs in a relaxed atmosphere, said co-founder and CEO of Pinon Family Practices, Lisa Pinon.

The facility will offer daily morning and evening sessions to families that want to practice meditation, yoga, or yoga and daily evening sessions for families that just want to connect, said Lisa Pino.

The center is designed for families who are in need of spiritual practice.

Pinona hopes that the opening of the new center will encourage families to be more accepting of each other and will allow for a more open environment for families, said Pinon.

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to bring a family practice space to Pinon because it is so important to the community and for the community at large,” she said.

The new Pinon family practices center will be housed in the Pinon Community Center, which was created in 2018 to provide resources for families seeking spiritual practice, and it will offer a space for family to practice with the other family members.

Pinona hopes to have a family-centered space open in the coming months.

Pinoon believes that family practices can be an important part of family life, but she does not believe that they are always needed.

“I think family practices are great for families.

I think family rituals are great, and I think families that do family rituals, they really work, she said, adding that the experience of family rituals can be overwhelming.

She said that she is very excited to see what families are coming together to share in the new family practices space, which will be a space where they can learn together, share information, and build their own spirituality.”

It is an exciting time in our community because we have the first community center that is family-friendly and it’s the first place that I think we will be seeing families in the family, Pinon said.


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