How to test FusionScape’s Updox test in the browser

This week, I have decided to write a quick post to share how to use Updock’s test suite. 

I use the Updoket test suite and it was not an easy decision to get used to it but I think it is worth sharing. 

As an example, let’s take a look at a test which shows a user accessing a web page from the web UI.

It uses the browser’s JavaScript engine and can test the performance of JavaScript in the user’s browser. 

The JavaScript engine can also be used to generate HTML code which can be tested using the test suite by passing the JavaScript code through the test runner. 

In this case, the test would run for approximately 10 seconds in the background. 

You can download the test here: I decided to use the test code in this post to demonstrate the new API in the web browser.

The web browser’s browser would render a HTML page. 

For this, I used the Webdriver test runner to run the test.

I then used the test results to validate the code by passing a boolean value to the browser to determine if it works or not.

This test can also generate HTML using the HTML generator, so I used that test as an example. 

Now, the web application could generate HTML. 

Here is a screenshot showing a page rendered in the JavaScript engine. 

Notice that the page has a list of products which are sorted by price. 

This test could generate a page with a list like the following: Here is the HTML generated by the test:Now, let us take a closer look at the test itself.

Here are the two test cases.

First is a simple test which generates a HTML form.

Next is a test that shows the user how to navigate to a web site by clicking on a button in the navigation bar.

Both tests use the same JavaScript code and test the browser itself. 

 The test uses the HTML template engine to generate the form and the test runs in the same browser session. 

So let us see what happens when we run both tests in the current browser session using the WebDriver test runner:   The WebDriver is using the same test suite as Updocks test suite, but in the new JavaScript engine, the browser can test only the HTML templates generated by Updoks test suite (as described earlier). 

The result is a new HTML page that is generated in the Chrome browser.

Here is the same HTML page in the Chromium browser:Now that we have seen the differences, lets take a deeper look at how these tests work. 

Updock has added a new test called the Updatest test which uses the Updata template engine.

This test is similar to the tests used by the Updrive test suite for a number of reasons. 

First, it uses the same DOM elements, so it does not need to re-render the DOM if the DOM changes. 

Second, it can use the JavaScript API, which means it can generate HTML and can also test the HTML that is created by the template engine itself.

Third, it also allows the user to specify a number to run as the value for the test, which allows the test to simulate an actual DOM interaction. 

Fourth, it is not limited to JavaScript code. 

Fifth, it does more than just DOM manipulation. 

Sixth, and finally, the UpData template engine is designed to be used for the testing of other JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery and React, as it allows it to be easily integrated with other testing frameworks such as Jasmine. 

It can also run in the sandboxed environment of the browser which is also an option. 

If you want to run a different JavaScript engine than Updos test suite which you can find in the Updlod repo, you can use an external browser test runner which is written in Python. 

Once you have configured the test environment to use updock, you have to make sure that you set the environment variables appropriately to enable the JavaScript. 

Below is a code snippet that demonstrates how to configure Updoke’s test environment and set the JavaScript environment variables to enable it to run in a Chrome browser session:  And this is how the test is run: Here’s a screenshot that shows how the HTML test is generated:Now let’s test the Webdrive test in our web browser using the Updrips test runner instead. 

To do this, open Updod and navigate to the WebDrives project. 

From there, you will see a new project in the project explorer. 

Right click on the WebDrive project and select “Edit”. 

Here, we will add the UpDrive test code


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