A new way to practice tennis without needles

The world’s biggest tennis tournament is on the verge of its first official use of a new technology to aid the sport in an increasingly globalised and interconnected world.

As part of the first World Series of Tennis event in the US, players will practice their throws in pairs using a handheld device, known as the tennis ball.

The technology, developed by British startup TennisApp, will be used at the US Open, the French Open and the US Women’s Open in the coming months.

The company, which launched in May, says the technology will be a game changer in tennis and could eventually revolutionise how players practice.

It’s not the first time the technology has been tested, with US players using it in the 2012 European Open and in 2014 at the Australian Open.

The team behind TennisApp has already shown the technology at two events, including a recent one in New Zealand.

The device, which was developed by American technology company Venkman, will allow players to practise and play with one hand on the ball and a second on a controller attached to the racket.

The tennis ball is suspended from a pair of tennis racket arms and used to track the ball as it flies through the air.

Players will practise with one arm on the tennis racket while using the other arm to move the ball with the controller.

The system allows for players to use their natural movements and the ability to control their grip.

The TennisApp system will be installed on all Tennis players’ tennis balls by January.

Venkman is a UK-based company which also makes tennis gear, including racket, gloves and racket covers.

Venkhman is owned by UK-headquartered technology company BT Sport, which is a joint venture between BT and US sportswear giant Adidas.

Venakman is not directly owned by Adidas, which says it has been an Adidas partner since 2004 and is in regular discussions with the company on further partnerships.

The launch of TennisApp follows a year-long campaign in which the company partnered with the US Tennis Association to introduce the technology to its athletes and spectators.

In February, the USTA launched a public campaign that asked people to share their ideas for the future of the sport and to help build a more efficient, accessible and sustainable sport.

The USTA says it is working with the TennisApp team to create a system that is easy to use, has a great future and is affordable.

TennisApp will be launched alongside a new player aid system, a player training and training support tool and other initiatives.

Venakhman says it will deliver the benefits of its technology to players across the sport.

It has partnered with top-ranked tennis players including Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka and Rafael Nadal to develop a new tennis ball and other technology.

VenKman’s team will also develop new technologies to help athletes improve their game, such as an algorithm that can help players predict how long it will take for a shot to go in and predict the percentage of time they need to reach the ball.

It will also work with top athletes to develop an interactive training environment that is interactive for players and coaches.

The development of the TennisBall and other innovations, Venkhman said, will help improve the overall experience of tennis for all of its participants.

The new technology will help all players improve their technique and improve their shot placement, and it will help tennis players better understand their opponent’s game and learn from their mistakes.

Venksman’s research into the development of a player aid was funded by the US government and a grant from the US Olympic Foundation.

VenKhman is one of a number of technology companies which have worked with the tennis community to develop new products.

Venka, a technology company which was launched in 2009, provides technology that helps athletes prepare for the Olympics.

It works with the Australian Olympic team to improve their practice in preparation for the Rio Games.

The company was also awarded a grant to work with the United States Tennis Association on a new ball.

Venkmans technology has also been used by tennis players around the world to improve the performance of players at the top of the game.

In 2014, Serena Williams beat her Australian rival Maria Sharapova to win the Australian Women’s Tennis Open, a tournament that includes a number three seed in the final.

Serena’s winning margin was almost 20 percentage points.

Venkias technology helped Sharapovic improve her game and increase her ranking to a position where she was considered one of the best female players in the world.

The UK-born company also developed the new ball for the Australian team, and the Australian Tennis Association is expected to make a formal announcement about its participation in the new TennisBall system.

Venkkman is hoping that TennisApp will lead to a new level of competition in the sport as the world’s top players begin to work towards making the sport more accessible to spectators.


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