How to practice mindfulness practice games

In the next two weeks, I’ll be taking my mindfulness practice game with me to practice. 

In the past week, I’ve been playing some practice games with friends, and they’ve all been super fun. 

But there are some key elements that make these practice games unique. 

These games are meant to help you focus and get a feel for your body and mind.

This is one of the first games I tried, and it was super easy to learn.

The game was like this: You get in a circle and you get two dots (or “points”) and you must press a button that turns the dots into squares. 

After you get in the circle, you start a countdown and your timer will go down. 

When the timer hits zero, you stop. 

The next step is to try to complete a set of ten puzzles, and then you have to get another dot and press it again. 

I started with the ten puzzles: 1.

Go up to the top of a tower and shoot a gun that’s going to land in a tower.


Go down a hallway and shoot the gun that has a ladder on it. 3.

Go back up and shoot that ladder that you had just shot.


Go to a different room and shoot all the lights on the walls.


Go through a door and shoot each of the light on the wall.


Go all the way down to the bottom and shoot one of those things on the bottom.


Go across the street and shoot every single light on a different wall. 

If you don’t have a set number of puzzles, then just start with a few puzzles and then try to solve them. 

There are also a few “tricks” to help with your practice: If the puzzle is a “hidden object,” then you need to press a key on the controller that turns a dot into a square.

If the puzzle has a light on it, you need press a second key to turn a dot back into a triangle. 

And lastly, if you want to be really, really good at the game, you can try to practice with a real game controller, or with a gamepad.

As soon as you start the game with a controller, you should be able to get into a rhythm, and you should feel like you’re playing with your body, not a computer. 

While I can’t tell you how to play these games, I can say that they help you build a foundation for your practice.

And as a result, I’m really excited to try these practice game games out.


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