Parents, teachers, students push for science, math test at Texas schools

PARENTHOOD POTENTIALS Parents, educators, students pushed for science and math at Texas public schools, with the latest from the White House.

President Donald Trump’s new plan calls for expanding the use of technology to prepare students for the 2020-21 academic year, the latest moves to boost teacher retention and boost academic performance.

Trump wants to expand testing for the Common Core State Standards to all K-12 students and to use the Common Resource Measurement (CRM) system for teacher and school evaluations, the Associated Press reports.

A White House spokesperson said the administration is “exploring all options” to make the plan effective and has been consulting with school districts.

Texas has one of the highest levels of standardized testing in the country, but Trump’s plan would bring down test scores by 50% by 2022 and increase them by 90% by 2025, according to the AP.

Critics, including teachers, parents and students, say the plan would create a massive gap in teaching.

In a statement, Texas education officials said they’re committed to making the Common Curriculum Test (CCCT) the most accessible, accurate and effective test of our state’s public schools and are working with states and private partners to ensure that students can understand and use the new test, which was developed by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE).

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The CRM system, created in 2011, has long been used by teachers, principals, teachers unions and others to track students’ progress in math, reading and science and assess whether students are learning effectively.

However, the administration has been hesitant to expand the use, according the AP, saying the system could cause a huge drop in test scores.

Instead, the White Hill School District in Texas is seeking to adopt a plan that would require teachers to have a CRM, which would require the use not just of a test but also more advanced tests and technology.

Students would also have to use a computerized learning app that would allow teachers to use real-time quizzes to track progress in their class.

The new plan would also expand testing at the state’s 4,000 public charter schools, including the Houston Independent School District and the Dallas Independent School System.

For teachers, Trump’s proposed plan would expand the Common Knowledge Testing Initiative (CLTI), which allows teachers to test students in the classroom for 30 minutes.

While the test is still being developed, it is expected to be the first statewide test in the U.S. that is being used in Texas schools, according TOEFL, a national organization that supports the use and evaluation of tests.

With the Common Access Model, schools would have the option to use an electronic test-taker app, which could allow students to take multiple tests.

The new plan could also allow students and teachers to take standardized tests online, or through mobile apps.

But the AP reported that teachers and students who oppose the plan are hoping that the test would be optional, meaning students would be able to opt out of the test.

Another proposal is to use software called K-8 K-3 that would track students in math and reading.

The test would also allow teachers and other educators to track student performance in real-life situations.


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