Sarah Palin’s private practice: ‘The whole thing is rigged’

Palin is still one of the richest and most powerful people in America, but the former vice presidential nominee has now turned her private practice into an expensive, private empire that has been accused of using “scam tactics” to entrap wealthy clients.

The “scammed” name comes from a lawsuit filed by a former Palin client who alleges the “schemes are illegal, unethical and immoral” and “unfair, unethical, and illegal.”

According to the lawsuit, the private practice of Sarah Palin & Associates is a “for-profit, pyramid scheme,” which “uses its own ‘scheme’ for profit” and is “unlawful and deceptive.”

Accordingly, the former Palin associate, who is still in her 20s, has filed suit against the company, alleging that the “scheme is a ‘scam’ and ‘incompetent’ scheme to steal from her.”

“Palin’s personal practice has been beset by fraud and theft for years, but her company is the largest scammer in the world and has become so powerful that she is the wealthiest woman in the nation,” Sarah Palin said in a statement to Breitbart News.

“It’s no wonder that her business has been so financially damaged.

In this case, she is being sued by her former client for fraud and the scheme is illegal and unethical.””

I’m so angry, so upset, and I’m so disappointed.

I’m sick of being scammed,” Sarah said in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

“I’m really disappointed in the law and in the legal system, and the way that it’s being applied to me.

I don’t believe it’s fair.

I just don’t think it’s right.”

The “Scam Scam” lawsuit alleges that the practice of “scams” by the private Palin Associates is “illegal and unethical,” and that “unjustly and unlawfully, and for the purpose of defrauding, defraud, and/or steal from clients, and which is in direct contravention of law and regulation.”

According the lawsuit:In addition to the suit, Palin is also suing former clients and former employees of the private firm.

The former clients are alleging that they were defrauded, including by Palin and her former husband, former Congressman Pete Hoekstra, for nearly $500,000.

The lawsuit also claims that the former employees were not told of the allegations of the fraud and that they have not been paid for the services they provided to the former clients.

Sarah Palin is the owner of a private practice in Des Moines, Iowa, where she also manages her political campaign.

She is also the daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is not registered to vote in Iowa, as the law requires, and she has not been an active voter since 2008.

Palin has been a practicing lawyer since 2000, and in 2007, she moved to Alaska and became the first Republican presidential nominee in U.S. history to run for governor there.

In that race, Palin defeated incumbent Gov.

Sean Parnell, a Democrat.

Palins current business is a $1.4 billion operation with clients in the energy, health, education, and consumer sectors, and has over 500 employees.

Her former clients include former President Donald Trump, who has called her a “pathetic” former senator, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and Sen. Ted Cruz.


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