Coyotes, Senators sign TPE, TPE and TPE practice tests

Coyotes and Senators have signed TPE tests for their players and the two sides plan to have them in place before training camp opens on July 7.

“I think the TPE will allow our guys to continue to practice,” Coyotes coach Dave Tippett said.

“That’s a very important thing for our guys and I’m sure they’ll be ready to go.”

The test will be for a period of two weeks.

The test will help Coyotes players assess the risk of concussion, but it won’t affect their participation in the Coyotes’ preseason games.

Tippett noted that his players won’t be in the room with the results of the TEE until after training camp starts.

“It will be pretty cool for our players to be able to see how well they’re doing,” Tippet said.

“Obviously, we know what they’re thinking, but we want to get them out there as soon as possible.”

The TPE is designed to be administered by the team doctor, who will take notes and use a computer to record the results.

The team doctor will then use the data to give Coyotes players a written report on how they performed.

The Coyotes also will use the test to determine if the team has enough TPE available.

The tests are similar to the ones the Phoenix Coyotes used last season and Tippetts said the Coyotes have made sure to incorporate the new TPE into their practices.

“There’s going to be some things that are very similar to what we did last year,” Tippingett said of the Coyotes TPE testing.

“I think our guys are ready to get back to work.”

The Coyotes have had a number of players miss the team’s games this season because of head injuries and Tippingetts said they expect that number to increase in training camp.

Tippingett added that the Coyotes plan to be patient with the players.

“We know how important it is for our team, the players, to be back on the ice,” Tippedett said, adding that he expects the Coyotes to have a full practice camp this season.

“We’re ready for it.”


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