Ged practice’s test score is low, but doctors are happy to see it get improved

The test scores of two of the country’s oldest and largest general practitioners were low when they were administered at a special session of the Senate health committee.

The GED test was given to the doctor of osteopathy and his family, and the GED exam was given at another GED clinic.

The committee members were told that a GED score of 15 was the “best” and the other was a 15.

That was a good result for the doctor, but the Senate did not want to know the scores.

It did not know how many other physicians were taking the tests.

“The committee felt that the information provided by the Ged was inadequate to provide a reliable assessment of GEDs effectiveness,” the committee said in its decision released Wednesday.

The report also found that the GP tests had to be administered by two doctors, which was standard practice.

In response to the committee’s findings, the GP of Ged said the committee was wrong.

He said the GP had asked to be kept informed on the testing and the committee had not had the opportunity to review the information.

Ged said it had a number of ways to monitor the accuracy of the test.

The GP also said it was not appropriate for the Senate to conduct its own tests.

“We don’t need to test ourselves for the GP’s sake,” the GP said.

An email sent to the GP last week said the doctor could not comment because of the sensitivity of the issue.

Other issues that arose in the committee meeting included the number of Geds the GPs were required to attend.

The Senate is considering the appointment of an independent body to investigate and report on the quality of GEds.

This comes after a national study by the Royal College of GPs found that a GP’s overall satisfaction with their practice was low.

About 6 per cent of the Geds patients who had a Ged were in a low-prestige group, and a further 6 per 100 had a low score.

There was also an “overwhelming” amount of negative feedback on the GP testing system, the report found.

A GP’s report on GED accuracy was due to be published later this year.


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