New rules to help prevent workplace lawsuits

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) on Thursday proposed a series of new regulations to ensure that employers and employees have the tools to protect their health and safety, and the courts, from workplace lawsuits.

The proposal, announced in an OMB-approved document, would establish an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Safety Board to review, investigate, and report on workplace safety incidents and to issue a final rule by March 2019.

The board would also be authorized to make enforcement decisions.

The new OSHA Safety Board will be headed by a director, which would be appointed by the President.

The OSHA director would be chosen by the agency’s governing board.

The OSHA safety board would consist of a principal investigator, a deputy principal investigator and an outside investigator who would be nominated by the OSHA chief executive officer and the Secretary of Labor.

The principal investigator would be a person with experience in the areas of workplace safety, workplace health and environment, and human resource.

The deputy principal investigators would be the primary investigators and the outside investigators would have experience in other areas of the federal government.

The person nominated to be the OSHSA safety director would also serve on the board.

This new OSHAS safety board will be charged with issuing safety recommendations to the Secretary and the U.S. Labor Department.

It will have a statutory responsibility to develop a safety plan, which will include recommendations on how to best implement and enforce OSHA’s workplace safety policies.

The proposed rules are the latest effort by the Occupational Medical and Safety Service (OMS) to address a growing number of workplace incidents.

Oms in 2016 proposed a rule that would have required workers who wear masks to have them on at all times while working and on their break periods.

That rule was challenged in court by a number of businesses, including a bakery and an auto parts manufacturer.

The court ruled in favor of the companies.


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