When you buy a broomfield, you buy an expensive broom

When you bought a broom field, you bought an expensive one.

Broomfield is the second most expensive house in Australia, after the Sydney house, but it is a house of relatively modest size and the average price per square foot is just under $200,000.

You might be tempted to spend that money on a house with a lot of extras, like a pool, or a garden, but the majority of Australian house prices are more or less on par with Sydney’s.

What to consider when buying a broom Fields in Sydney are usually in very poor condition.

It might look nice, but most people would be surprised to find that a broom is worth far less than it seems.

A broomfield is a very small house, usually one bedroom and usually a small bathroom.

The house might be in an area with no public transport, or it might be under a bush in a remote part of the state.

There are two main purposes for a broom: to be used for growing vegetables or to be thrown into the backyard as a pet.

If you are a gardener, a broom would be ideal to help you grow your own vegetables or if you want to throw your vegetables into the garden, a large garden is best.

Once you have purchased your house, the most important thing to remember is to keep it clean.

Do not put in rubbish bins or fill them with garbage.

Make sure the door and windows are covered with rubbish bags, and that all the windows and doors are boarded up and closed.

Keep a pest control list and a garden hose handy.

For more information about the different types of property, read our guide to buying a property.

We have not tested the condition of the house or its contents, so we cannot guarantee that the information in this article is accurate.

If you need more information, or have any questions, please contact our estate agent, Robyn Wilson, directly at [email protected]


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