Map test practice: Irish teacher helps pupils with their Irish language

A teacher in Cork has helped pupils with a new skill with the help of their own hands.

In a series of lessons, the teacher has been showing children how to draw a map using pen and paper and has been using the map to practice his skills.

The teacher has also been teaching children how the map works and has shown them how to identify shapes and locations.

The map test was developed by the local education authority (LEA) to help pupils with spelling and grammatical skills.

Mr Byrne said the lessons were a great learning experience and he has been delighted with the results.

“It’s very helpful and really helps to get a child’s attention and get them working on their language,” he said.

“The map was developed to help with learning to read, writing and spelling.”

We are all in the same boat, as are all children in our society.

“To see a child who is having a hard time, having a problem with their language, we can all be part of the solution.”

I’ve been amazed at the improvement in their reading and their comprehension, they are more open and they are starting to understand the words and the grammar more.

“Mr Byrne is an active member of the Gaelic community and he said he had been trying to find a way to give his students the help they needed.”

There’s always a place for it, especially in a place like Cork where the language is so important,” he explained.”

If we can help a child learn to use their language they are better equipped to deal with a future with an Irish government.

“The programme was developed after Mr Byrne said he was struggling to get children into his school.”

When I was teaching the language, I would only have one child in the classroom,” he told The Irish Post.”

As the school has expanded, I’ve had to take up teaching more and more children.

“This year I have over 400 children.

They have been brought up in the language and now I have to teach them.”

They are the future of the Irish language.


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